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Why choose LondonBrowClinic for your microblading?

With almost as many websites on the internet as there are people on the planet, it is becoming more and more difficult to see value among so many practitioners offering the same services, so I wanted to take a minute to tell you about why we at LondonBrowClinic are different to other microblading clinics.

The most important distinction is that every single pair of eyebrows that you see on the pages of this site, and on our gallery on instagram and tik tok have been made by one person, myself, Galata. I have learnt over many years of owning this business, that the only thing that is important is achieving a feeling of empowerment and confidence in the client. These sessions are often the start of something special, a moment where a person tells me how they want to feel, and we start to design something that evokes that feeling in them.

I know what this sounds like, a little too woo woo and deep. But the truth is that this is the reason why it is still only me microblading. I have built a family among my clients, we share stories that give me a window into their lives, so that I know who I am building these brows for. It is like I am a friend, and it means that I am accountable, and honest. I will always strive to do the very best for every single one of you, and that sets LondonBrowClinic apart. My clients don't want to be seen by anyone else, and that's fine.

At LondonBrowClinic, we pair science with artistry, and the combination makes for a humbling and sometimes even life changing. All you have to do is take a look at the google reviews and myriad messages published to see how many lives we have changed.

If this sounds like the type of microblading experience you want, you should visit us. We now have two branches, one in Kingston Upon Thames and one on Kensington High Street. I would love to meet you.


LondonBrowClinic x


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