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What to expect in a session with London Brow Clinic

On arrival, you will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire so that we can build a physiological profile on you that will better enable us to understand how we conduct your treatment.

When in your session, Galata will ask you questions to determine exactly what your objectives are. You will be given an opportunity to show her work that you like, pictures of yourself from moments when you feel you have looked your best, so that Galata can recreate this for you.

Once Galata has created a design (for first set customers) she will ask you to sit up to check whether the design still works correctly adjusting for gravity. If the design needs to be tweaked to create a better look holistically, she will do this for you whilst you are sat upright.

In this consultative process, Galata will answer any questions you have about how to keep the microblading looking as good as possible for as long as possible. Fully plant-based pigments are used at London Brow Clinic, meaning that colour discolouration (red, green or blue) does not occur when having microblading with us (read other blog posts to learn more about metal in pigments and why brows by other clinics change colour). With over 8 years of microblading experience, there isn't a face shape or skin composition that Galata has not encountered.

Once the design element is finished, Galata will proceed to microblade the brows. As much anaesthetic as needed is used; existing clients typically report that it is not very painful. Due to the magnitude of experience, Galata typically does not require more than 1 hour to microblade a client's eyebrows, but if the client needs more time the appointment will not be rushed, regardless of if another client is waiting. It is of paramount importance to Galata that every client leaves with a pair of brows that make their heart sing!

Clients will then be given aftercare instructions and the ointment required to aide in the healing process. Full support is offered post treatment via message/email.

Full results are seen after 4 weeks post microblading session, but the healing process is over after 1 week. The brows do not look swollen or bruised afterwards, as Galata has medical experience and understands how to achieve the results without creating excessive trauma to the skin of the client. The client will be able to carry on with their day, and not need to limit their activities the week proceeding the session due to the eyebrows. Providing the aftercare instructions are followed, the client will not have hard scabby brows as can be the case when using other microblading clinics.

If you have any further questions please message or email the clinic and we shall answer expediently.

London Brow Clinic x


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