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LondonBrowClinic- The Academy!!

If I had a pound for every time I have been asked whether I was going to start an academy, I would be a very rich lady indeed. I am proud to say that I have been asked this since almost the beginning of my microblading career. For the most part, I’ve seldom told people the truth about why I had resisted starting this endeavour for so long.

The truth is, this industry already suffers from a chronic lack of educational standard, and this undermines the potential for clients to understand how discerning they must be when choosing whom to do their microblading. It is with deep sadness that I tell you here now that I have not wanted to start an academy because I didn’t feel that I could stay true to my personal principles of transparency relating to what it takes to be a successful microblader, and offer this as a course that could be competitive among so many others in the industry considering what I have seen them to be comprised of up until now. The offerings currently out there are thousands of pounds, and often really don’t show how to be safe, how to cater what you offer to various skin types and ethnicities, and how to provide a good value proposition to the customer.

It is a sad indictment of where the industry is, but it is a position that I do actually understand. You see, this industry and occupation offers an opportunity to so many. An opportunity to start afresh, to reinvent their lives, to earn well, and above all else, to be part of someone’s journey of becoming happier. It is often embarked upon by those feeling the pain of socio economic injustice. For this reason, it is imperative that it remains accessible and not out of reach regarding the possibility to learn a new skill and be able to pay for that new skill. I have felt for so long that I wanted to start something that would enable me to expand my need to give back to society where it needs the most help. I started on a new path of educating myself by embarking on studying Politics, but progress in this area will be slow for me as it will take time before I can offer something that I believe is of substance to the community. In contrast, building a new offering for those of you who wish to embark on a career in microblading is something I can do for you now! And so, as I write this, myself and my husband are busy constructing a new platform where we will provide content to those of you that want it. Somewhere that will offer education so that different members of society will be able to access it with almost no financial outlay! As most of you who know me already know, my background means I will also be able to offer this is Spanish, meaning I can help many across the world better their circumstances. I’m excited!

Watch this space, the best of LondonBrowClinic is yet to come… MICROBLADING TRAINING SERVICES BECOME A MICROBLADING INSTRUCTOR / TRAINER Gali xx


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