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(Semi Permanent Make Up)


Full Set of Microbladed eyebrows including anaesthetic and aftercare Kit - £395


(Fully microbladed/nanobladed or manual shading all included in the same price)



Top up of brows made by Galata - £150


This is only applicable if the original set were made at London Brow Clinic*


In an attempt to make things as simple as possible for the client, the price is always as above regardless of the time that has elapsed since the last top up providing that the original shape can still be identified. Even if a customer has benefited from microblading that has lasted longer than a year, the top up will still be the same as long as the shape is still there. 



Top up on someone else's work - £195

Please note that the shape of the work must still be intact as we do not re design the brows when topping up work done by someone else

Self designed eyebrows

Microbladed on by Galata  - £250

Come in with the eyebrows that you draw on yourself and we shall microblade them on for you! (We will do some checks to make sure they measure symmetrically)

For all enquiries email
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