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We provide an honest service, nothing more, nothing less…

It has been 10 years since I started my microblading journey, a happy accident leading from a career in the Dental industry. 

In that time, the medical aesthetics industry has undergone many changes, but one thing that remains constant for us at LondonBrowClinic is that a positive customer experience is the most important thing. 

I, as a woman, mother and consumer within the medical aesthetic industry, feel a lot of pressure to not succumb to the trend I see manifesting in this industry. A search on Google, Instagram or Tik Tik relating to microblading will come back with hundreds of results, meaning that it has become increasingly difficult for the client to see the wood for the trees.

 I see many small businesses cutting some very important corners, when it comes to the way they carry out their procedures, or the way they seek to educate their customer about what they can and cannot achieve. Allowing someone to come in under a false pretence of what is achievable is dishonest and unethical. Unfortunately, what this does is undermine the service as a whole and create distrust in the industry. 

At LondonBrowClinic, we make a point to be as honest as possible with our client. 

If a client comes with a very difficult case, for example where they’ve had some less than brilliant work done elsewhere, sometimes the client is not happy with what we suggest as a remedy; waiting for it to fade a little before doing any more work, or making the result softer rather than more aggressive still. We will always invite a client to send us their pictures so that we can advise prior to a session in clinic if they so wish.

We will always seek to provide options, as it is ultimately the client’s prerogative to decide what they want. It is, however, our professional obligation to give an honest and realistic idea of what we can achieve and the medical estimation of how long it might take to achieve it. As with all medically natured aesthetic procedures, the success of the treatment is subject to many factors, so educating the client on how best to commit to these things is always best.

If you are a client who is looking for an honest and straight forward microblading service provider, you are in the right place. This is what we strive for every day in our practice. 

If you want to have a chat about what you need you can give us a call on 07834494400. 

Gali x 


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