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Frequently asked post-treatment questions answered!

Frequently asked post treatment questions answered quick fire style by Galata at LondonBrowClinic:

Will I be given healing cream for my freshly bladed brows?

At your microblading visit with LondonBrowClinic you will be given the ointment required to heal your brows. This ointment needs to be re applied every two hours proceeding the treatment.

Can my freshly microbladed brows come into contact with water?

Care needs to be taken to make sure that the brows do not come into excessive contact with water whilst going through the week of healing. When showering, keep the face out of strong jets of water if possible. Make sure to apply more ointment before and after the shower to make sure they are kept fully moist at all times.

How do I keep my eyebrows well creamed at night when sleeping?

Care must be taken to keep the brows saturated with the ointment at night; sleeping on your back is preferred so that the freshly microbladed eyebrows do not come into contact with the pillow. If this is not possible, cut a long thin piece of cling film to cover the brows (wrap the film around the head twice to avoid it moving). This will ensure the brows are kept moist through the night and will aide in a good healing process and encourage better retention of the microblading.

Can I wash my face after my microblading treatment?

In order to clean the face in the week proceeding the treatment please use a non abrasive cleanser on a wipe or cleansing pad and use this to clean AROUND the brows. The brows themselves do not need to be cleaned and should ideally be left with just the ointment all week. If you feel you must clean the brows, please only use warm water and a cotton pad to clean the area, being careful not to apply pressure on the area to dislodge any new skin that is regenerating.

Can I exercise in the week after my microblading treatment?

Exercising in the week after the treatment is possible only if you are careful to make sure sweat does not penetrate the ointment onto the fresh brows. Exercising that induced excessive sweating is not advised in the week proceeding the treatment.

Can I go on holiday with freshly microbladed brows? Are my brows allowed to be in the sun?

If one has to be in the sun proceeding the treatment, a large hat and glasses is advised so that the eyebrows are not in direct sunlight for long. This is adviseable but the brows being in the sun when fresh is fine as long as they are well protected with the ointment provided.

What happens if I don’t take good care of my microblading post treatment?

Taking care of the brows will ensure you retain as much microblading as possible. If this regimen is not followed the brows will not heal as well as they could have, and could result in the client needing a top up that may have otherwise been unnecessary. These are chargeable, as they are not always required and enable us to keep the base price more competitive and fair. It is therefore advised to take good care of the microblading proceeding the treatment.




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