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Will the colour of my skin affect the success of my microblading treatment?

A scenario I have come across too often is where prospective clients of varying ethnicities have questioned whether microblading is right for them based on their skin colour. This is where the world in which we live has a sinister impact on what we deem to be available to us dependent upon where we come from and what we look like.

Our skin (and by that virtue also our bodies) are not biologically different almost at all as a result of ethnicity, there are no such things as black genes, and conditions that were thought of being prevalent among certain ethnicities are now being proven to be misnomers. This is a subject that is (thankfully) getting more media awareness, but not quickly enough in my view.

Too many aesthetic practitioners (and I’m sad to say even traditional doctors) still deem there to be significant physiological differences across ethnicities, when in actual fact, the clinical study does not support this. What we have seen however is a history of societal prejudice and oppression affecting the way certain ethnicities have access to a multitude of things. Suffice to say, microblading is the least of it unfortunately.

I am proud to say that this is not the case at LondonBrowClinic. When booking a session with us, you can feel safe that the process we embark on to achieve the best results is indeed bespoke, but is based upon factors that are proven to affect the results; science! We speak in more detail about this within the consultative process prior to microblading. 

As a sub-note, I wish to add some books and bodies of text that will serve to educate you further if this is a topic of interest, these are some of my favourites:

Medical Apartheid by Harriet A. WashingtonThe Bias Diagnosis by Ivan Beckley

As always, take care of yourselves

Galata x



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