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Microblading by Galata, what it means to have a pair of “these brows”...

For me, the concept of beauty has always originated from the idea of it being present naturally, that it is already there when you wake up in the morning. This is not just a physical thing, beauty very much starts in the mind, and so, naturally, we look most beautiful when we “feel it”.

This also ties in closely to time. Feeling good about yourself from the moment you wake up gives you the luxury of time, because you haven’t spent any of it in order to achieve your beauty. In this way, a treatment like this gives you both, a naturally better version of yourself that is ever present, and the luxury of more time, a commodity that is becoming more and more elusive. 

This may seem as though it is too deep an idea or a conquest too great for a mere microblader to help somebody to attain. I concede here that at times I have felt like a failure, that I have not managed to fully explain how I feel when I meet a client for the first time. I come across as too intense sometimes, just for the sake of being it, or for the sake of wanting to seem professional. This, I like to think, is not the case. My personal entry into this profession was one fraught with difficulty. I had been through some very life questioning trauma and at times wondered whether there was any point in bothering to stay well groomed. I had spent too long trying to please those around me, my husband, my mother. Nothing was ever enough. I also didn’t feel as though I was enough for my children. I felt like trying to carve out my personal identity impinged on my being enough of a mother to them, like I wasn’t good enough because I didn’t dedicate every fibre of my being to them. 

I sought to find something to make me feel better, about who I was and also what I looked like. At the time I was training in a medical profession and my mentor (an oral surgeon) suggested that I try microblading. She thought I had the right cocktail of skills and pushed for me to take a leap of faith. Whilst working on my very first clients I started to feel a rush when helping someone to feel better about themselves, and funnily enough, this was in turn making me feel much better about myself too. It was a serendipitous awaking for me, I had stumbled across something that enabled me to do something I enjoyed, that required knowledge and real skill, coupled with experiencing what it felt like to make a positive change in someones life. The way clients responded to what I was offering felt nothing short of life changing for me, and at this point I realised what people meant when they spoke about their career being their calling. 

So, to conclude on a lighter note, one of the most important feelings that has come from this undertaking for me has been a better knowledge of who I am as a person. I will never be able to shed the need to feel gratification from making others happy, it is inherent within me and not something I should feel ashamed of. My career has now taught me to harness this quality, and the by-product is a feeling that I continuously want to be both keeping my clients happy, and also upping my game and refining my processes. I believe in the aggregation of small gains, in making the choices you make in order to make your life better bit by bit, small steps at a time; it is the framework of how I have come to be where I am. 

I am Galata, your microblader and friend. I am not perfect and I will not always get it right. But I promise you that I will always try, I will always help to deliver your vision, do everything I can to make you the best you can be, physically and mentally. This is my business and my life. 

I love you all x 


LondonBrowClinic xx



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