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Healed Microblading - The facts

One of the main questions I get asked when we begin the consultative process at the start of a microblading session is “how long will my microblading last”?

Now, as those of you who are already regulars of mine will know, I don’t subscribe to the idea of selling my customers down a garden path, or being the “yes to everything” microblader. There are many of those out there, and academies like Phi Brow (just one of many) are making it their mission to saturate the market with thousands of sub standard microbladers who couldn’t tell the difference between a pig and a donkey, never mind the epidermis and the sub cutis (layers of skin). A two day course a good microblader maketh not.

Before we start I will arm you with the facts. If my job was to create a beautifully sculpted pair of brows on a piece of paper, I could probably draw them again and again and there not be much in it by way of many differences. The face, however, is a skull made up of 14 bones and 43 muscles, intricate vascular systems and is never completely symmetrical from one side to the other. Asking me how long your microblading will last is like asking me how much you are going to weigh in a years time. I can give you an idea by having an understanding of your physiology and lifestyle, but in the end, an idea is all it is if you want me to be honest.

The variables that govern how long your microblading will last include factors such as the effect of free radicals in the environment, sun exposure, how much you bled in session, diet, your general alcohol and anti inflammatory drug consumption, the oily versus dry (and everything in between) nature of the composition of your skin, the aftercare regimen you conducted proceeding the session, how much anaesthetic was used mid session, not to mention probably the biggest one, the level of cortisol in your blood stream. (This has such a tremendous effect that I intend to write a blog post specifically about it).

Needless to say, the details of how your microblading will last and how good it will look predicate on factors that are human, and vary from person to person. Ultimately, what you should want, is a microblader who will be honest with you about what you can and can’t do to give yourself the best chance of successful microblading treatments for many years to come.

If that (along with some interesting conversation) is your jam, then I’m your gal.


London Brow Clinic



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