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Have you had a bad microblading experience in the past? Please read on...

I am going to talk about something very personal to me in order to serve as an example of the principles that I instil within my business. 

Many years ago I had a breast aug operation after having my children, and unfortunately I had capsular contracture occur (which is where a hard capsule forms around the implant and leaves an oddly formed breast). As you can imagine, living with this impediment affects my confidence, not only in my appearance but also my feeling of self worth and ability to be comfortable wearing a bikini/lingerie. It has served to teach me an incredibly valuable lesson about how our confidence can affect our lives and how fickle it can be. 

I have had many clients over the years call the clinic in tears begging for advice or help having experienced a similarly damaging situation with semi permanent makeup and microblading. I wanted to write this blog to shed light on how I feel about this issue. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of empathy. Whenever anyone has this sort of issue, having a professional willing to listen to their experience and give advice can often be a source of serious catharsis and relief, even if the advice from the professional is just to wait  and give the body time to heal etc. Having someone be willing to listen; to hear their pain and draw from experience to analyse what can be done to remedy, is something that is priceless and doesn't occur often enough (in more instances than just these). I have visited some of the best plastic surgeons in the world, who have turned me away. This is likely due to the fact that it is risky to take on a patient who has had a tough experience in the past. A great deal of care has to be taken to emphasise that we can only make educated guesses based on experience, that we do not have a crystal ball and cannot guarantee how the body will react to any given solution. I have now been left with a problem no one wants to try to help me with, because of the general litigious nature of people and this problem is only getting worse. Having said this, I truly believe that if our intentions are good when we try to help, that remedies can often be found, and each party feels better for having gone through the experience - being the helper and the helped. 

So all I can say is this in response. Drawing from experience is probably the most valuable asset I can bring to the table when I work on my clients. I am proud to call myself a specialist, when a client books with me, they can feel safe in the knowledge that this is the ONLY service I provide at LondonBrowClinic. (I do charity work and cultivate other skills also, and I point this out so that everything I write is genuine and transparent as I feel that trust is an important aspect when choosing a practitioner for your microblading). The feeling of helping someone to feel happy has been transformative for me and given more meaning to my life. I genuinely enjoy it and I welcome those that feel they need assistance of this nature. Just give me a call or send an email...





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