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Brow Lamination ... next big thing or waste of money?

I’m afraid busy clinic means I haven’t posted in a while but the ever growing craze concerning brow lamination has spurred me to create a post to give some customers a little insight into this new trend.

Soooo, brow lamination is a treatment which essentially relaxes/perms the eyebrow hair, essentially “setting” it in much the same way as one might experience when chemically straightening or curling their hair. The reason that I feel compelled to create this post is because, in much the same way that people often enquire about microblading to understand the finer details of what it entails, I think people are not entirely aware of what this new treatment really is. And honestly, seeing the myriad of Instagram posts relating to brow lamination I can see why.

I am seeing an incredible volume of posts boasting that brow lamination offers a fantastic natural full looking brow that don’t really relay the facts surrounding the method used and how long this lasts relative to the price. Anyone who ever used to have HD brows done will know how frustrating it was to walk out of a brow salon having spent £40 for wonderful brows that are going to last about 3 minutes.

Now, after having undergone a training course in this treatment, I’m afraid I will not be rolling this one out to my customers. For ethical reasons I cannot push that this a more natural treatment, because almost all of the treatments I see online do not disclose that it is both a chemical AND tinting treatment. The residue from the tint leaves some colour behind that will be gone incredibly quickly, meaning the result you see really doesn’t last very long at all. Coupled with the fact that the chemical perm lasts only a few weeks (in much the same way as it does on a lash lift) means that this treatment is not offering much bang for its buck given that the average price by a reputably trained practitioner is roughly £40.

I have also seen a number of beauticians coin this treatment as being more “safe” as the skin isn’t broken, but all you need to do is speak to a hairdresser and ask them how often it is safe to perm the hair on your head. Sufficed to say, the chemicals used to straighten the brow hair are strong and cannot be underestimated.

All in all, in all honesty I do really like some of the brow lamination results I am seeing out there. I have even rolled this treatment out on some friends and family with pleasing results. But I have caveated this to all of them on the basis that it is likely to cost them about £40 a month if they want to keep it up, which unsurprisingly results in looks of dismay.

If you ask me, soap brows provides the same affect which can be achieved at home, and costs about 10p! Let’s keep the exaggeration in check people 😉

Keep safe and lots of love

Galata x



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