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Blood isn’t just blood in this game, this is the marker of skill...

These might look like insignificant little dots of blood to you, hell, they would to most people!

But this is where the magic is happening and I want to tell you why....

I can’t tell you how many times I have come across microbladers who guarantee that their microblading lasts years without a touch up, or that they have the best solution for blading someone with “oily” skin (usually not blading them at all but using the machine method instead). By the time someone lands in my clinic they are so full of all of this misinformation that they have read online, they feel like they are the authority on what to do to achieve the best possible results.

This is is why I am showing you the picture above. When we microblade, much to our dismay, we don’t have a pair of X-ray vision goggles that are going to show us the inner depths of the membranes of your skin. Herein lies the problem of knowing where you are blading to, the depth of skin you reach with your blade. Any good microblader should be explaining to their customer that they will look to use the way you bleed as a marker of knowing the depth to which they blade, it’s the only way of knowing where we are in the skin. The physiology behind it is not that complicated in all fairness, the basal membrane peaks and troughs like a wave within the layers of skin. If you cut the membrane off at the peak as you blade, you will see a beautiful dotted line of blood, not a solid one. Eureka, you have hit the sweet spot.

As you can tell by the nature of this post, the medical aspect or “science“ behind microblading must be understood and adhered to by a microblading professional. If you don’t know the anatomy of the skin, and what to look for to understand the depth to which you blade, I would argue you shouldn’t be a microblader. And, while we are here, I would argue that you should not be making false promises about how long your microblading will last and what predicates the efficacy of a good or bad session of microblading.

Simply put, if you don’t know the science behind the blade, you better put the blade down.

Mic drop.


London Brow Clinic




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